Saturday, July 30, 2005

Back to the accident

Yes, still obsessing about the accident. After some investigation, it appears to have been a mechanical failure in the braking system of the dump truck that caused an accident involving 20 cars and 5 fatalities a little too close to my house. The company's vehicles have failed 10 of the 16 most recent inspections. This particular truck had a long history of failed inspections. My hub works in construction, and had a scary experience with that same company that owns the dump truck in question. He was working on a job site and had rented vehicles from David Wilcox, the owner of American Crushing and Recycling. John was videotaping the work one morning when he noticed one of his workers motioning frantically in his direction. John continued to document the job, and commented on "crazy Bob" showing off for the camera. Then you hear the sound of air brakes, and the tape cuts off. John was inches from being crushed by a dump truck without a back-up signal, but crazy Bob managed to stop the driver. John had a rather heated conversation with David Wilcox about sending out malfunctioning equipment. Sounds like Mr. Wilcox could be in some trouble. Hartford Courant articles and more unbelievable photos.


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