Friday, April 22, 2005

Where I've been

Nice to be home. Overall, we had a pleasant trip. There were no major arguments. My mother did not stress me out. Lily was well-behaved. The Catholic service for my gran was, to my surprise, lovely. It suited her well. I had the chance to chat with my cousins and aunts, and even made a bit of progress toward healing some long-standing bad feelings between my dad’s sisters and me. I visited the house I grew up in, and got to go inside. I took photos of Lily on the front steps where I had all my birthday, dance, and important event photos taken. Fun stuff. Oh, and the man who lives there….wow. I felt myself blush a few times as I spoke with him. I did have to make a trip to the dentist. It seems I have a failed root canal, and quite an infection in the bone. This means that I’m taking very strong antibiotics, and need to make an appointment with a root canal specialist. Not looking forward to that. And you know all those charming symptoms that accompany antibiotics? I’ve got them. On to this week: looks like Lester will be having a baby soon. Perhaps today! I can’t wait…I have a bag packed with my camera, some scents, and some music. Send her some positive vibes. Also, a fellow heart family is going through surgery. Little Xavier had a heart transplant during the night. He has HLHS and a bum tricuspid valve, a situation quite similar to Chasmyn’s sweet little guy Quinn. Please send them some good stuff too, as well as the family who is grieving their little one.


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