Monday, April 25, 2005

This is Coletrane.

Image hosted by I found him and six siblings in a plastic garbage bag in the parking lot at the university I attended. Luckily, my good friend was a vet tech, so I put them all in my car and brought them to her. They all had distempter, an awful kitty disease. Four died, I placed two with the friend of a friend, and Cole stayed with me. That was 14 years ago! He has been sick for the past 6 months or so, asthma and some lung issues. He has a large growth in his lung, very close to the heart. The docs say that surgery may tell them if it's cancer, but because the partially collapsed trachea and lungs, it is risky. We've decided against surgery. It never occurred to me when I adopted 4 cats during the same year (14 years ago) that they would all be leaving around the same time, too.


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