Saturday, April 02, 2005

Heather and Jessica, the bloggers who created Go Fug Yourself, have changed their strategy:

It's not often that we decide to eat crow. In fact, we generally consider ourselves allergic to it. But after countless e-mails from readers frustrated with the way "Go Fug Yourself" ruins people's lives, stunts the feminist movement, and not only represents all the evils of the world but in fact spawns new ones, we've had a bit of a renaissance of the heart.

Because, at the end of the day, the accusations are all true. We are just jealous. And fat. And ugly, poor, viciously destructive blobs who can only cope with the grim reality of our own lives by tearing down other people. We're not just Satan's minions; we eat his leg shavings, toasted and topped with fresh sweat-butter.

And so, Go Hug Yourself has been born. We want to put good out there in the world and celebrate everything wonderful -- from hugs to love to puppies to Little House on the Prairie. Snark is a thing of the past; sarcasm is dead. We're in a new millenium now, so it's time to turn this Earth into one giant ball of affection.

We hope you'll ride along with us in our crusade to make the world a better place. Because really, isn't that what the Internet is all about?

Well, one of the first people they choose to spread some lovin' to was Michael Bolton. And Anne Geddes. They are certainly both deserving of some attention from Heather and Jessica. Go Hug Yourself


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