Friday, April 08, 2005


With all the death-watching we've been doing (as a nation), I found this little gem interesting. Promessa is a Swedish company that offers an earth-friendly burial alternative:

The burial itself takes place in a shallow grave, in the upper mulch-forming layers of the soil. Here we find life-giving oxygen and the busy little break-down specialists, the microorganisms, that are the basis for our existence at the same time as they are a prerequisite to the process of decomposition.

The coffin and its contents are transformed into mulch in about half a year, thus becoming an important contribution to the living earth. In this way, ecological burial does not add to eutrophication of the seas via ground water or run-off, and vital drinking water is spared. Since the remains do not cause any impact on the environment, this should also lift restrictions making it possible to place gravesites freely; in the home, on family property or other places with emotional ties to the deceased and next of kin.

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