Sunday, April 24, 2005

Babies R Us

I witnessed a birth today. We saw a horse give birth and watched a newborn colt open his eyes, stand, nurse, and walk all for the first time. My friend's horse had a beautiful baby at 12:30 today, and just by chance we were able to watch. It was amazing, and I was thrilled that Lily was able to see it as a natural event. We were out in a field in the sun as the three adults explained to Lily about each step and body part. Lily, apparently, likes the word vulva. Wonder if that will come up in preschool? We even examined the placenta carefully to be sure it all passed. The four of us stood about 20 feet away from the action, Kendra occasionally going closer to assist. By the time we left the field several hours later, that little colt was feeling pretty secure on his stilts and was attempting to trot. Adorable. In more baby news....a good friend who has been trying to get pregnant for four years finally did! She got a positive blood test on her 40th birthday. Babies, babies, everywhere. Leslie, when are you gonna have yours? (no pressure or anything)


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