Monday, March 07, 2005

The Long Road

Image hosted by I just finished The Long Road: A Fable by Mark Plattner. Cap'n Marrrk is offering a few free copies over on No Touch Monkey!, and you should certainly take him up on his generous offer. The book has remarkable depth, although it is a pleasantly easy read. I was reminded of "people" I've met, those I need to rekindle a relationship with, and some I need to find. The subject is one many of us wrestle with daily, yet the Cap'n is able to bring it to a dialogue that is easy to relate to. Hey, Gaia is even involved! Oh, did I mention that mine is a signed copy? I'd be willing to lend my to someone near (Lester, this is right up your alley), but everyone else should try to get their own at NTM! I'll be watching Cap'n Marrrk's latest adventure, Everyday Avatar, as well. In was born in response to and inspired by Everywoman is a Goddess. Looking forward to lots of bloggity introspection on both sites from all the wonderful people involved.


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