Saturday, January 29, 2005

Slug-bug blue!

Happy Birthday Dad!

We used to play a car game called 'slug-bug' when I was a kid. Whenever we saw a VW bug, we would punch each other and call out the color of the car. We kept daily tallies of our points, and convertibles were worth 10 points. One of my favorite childhood memories (from about age 8) is of my father, driving with me and my sister in his '57 Chevy, through a Volkswagen dealership. He had made us close our eyes, and when we were in the middle of the lot, he began driving in circles and yelling out all the colors he could see. Of course we were near hysteria, and couldn't claim a single point because we were giggling and squealing. A rarely confessed Gaiagal fact is that me & Dad were Wisconsin State Bowling Champs in the father/daughter category.

He would have been 65 years old today. Smoking sucks.


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