Sunday, January 23, 2005


The State of Connecticut is closed. Most everything, except those newcasters who are live talking about the snow in the studio, and then cut to the 10 different "journalists" who are on the scene in 10 different towns who say, "yes, snowing here, too." I think they were on all night long repeating the mantra: it's a blizzard, stay inside. What a boring job. When we woke up (on the second floor), this is what the windows looked like. Each morning I let Willow out the door into our fenced back yard. This morning when we tried to open the door, the snow had drifted to a level well above her head, and she couldn't get out. So I bundled up, and we started another snowed-in day by going out to the front yard together. It's quite pretty, but I'm glad John does the shoveling. It's still snowing....time to get out the crafts!


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