Thursday, December 16, 2004

Some kinda cracker

Lily: Did we miss the graham cracker? Me: Your graham cracker house is on the mantel, nicely decorated. Lily: Not that one. You know, the one with the dancing candies? Me: Oh. Yes, we did miss the Nutcracker. Maybe we'll go next year. earlier that day after an aggressive driver tailgated us and then dangerously cut us off (to teach me a lesson about driving the speed limit, I suppose): Me: Ugh! What an asshole! From the backseat: What is an asshole, mommy? Me: It's not a nice word, Lil, I shouldn't have used it. From the backseat: OK, mommy. Then I won't say asshole, either. Does daddy know we shouldn't say asshole? Me: Yes, I'm sure he knows. From the backseat: Can we say asshole to the pets? Do you think that person in the other car could hear you? You would probably hurt his feelings by saying asshole. You should say you're sorry. Me: Don't say it again. From the backseat: OK. You're right. I won't say asshole ever again. Not a nice word.


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