Thursday, December 02, 2004

It's never boring

Recent moments of amusement: For the past two days, my daughter has insisted on wearing this. Not only does she wear it, but stays in character. Always. I can not refer to her as 'Lily', as she will ONLY respond to 'Rudolph'. Of course, I am Santa. She ate raw carrots today for lunch. One shopkeeper was so taken with her extreme imagination that she gave her bell anklets to add to the madness. While moving some furniture this past weekend, we came up with a form of kid control: the Lilyroll. It could also be considered a new flavor of sushi, I guess. We are going to see the Nutcracker ballet. We tried a ballet class only once. It looked like this. (yes, those are the ballet slippers on her hands.) That is sort of a dance lessons, thankfully hockey is not appealing to her, and she's still unable to direct a ball where she intends. I'm crossing my fingers that the cello will work out for her. ;)


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