Monday, December 13, 2004

I'm always looking for the humorous bits in life. Like to keep that light, playful stuff around me. I am somewhat challenged in this situation....but I am making my best effort.
Traditionally, John's siblings (two sisters, one brother), all buy gifts for each other's children. There are six children total. I'm not a huge consumer, and I've been protesting this for several years now. How many gifts does one kid need, anyway? Last year, at the THIRD holiday gathering for his family, the two sisters and the two sisters-in-law (including me) had a conversation about ending this madness.
On this past Thanksgiving, we gathered at the eldest sister's home. She has a lovely home, and as long as we keep the conversation to decorating and driving directions, we get along famously. This year week she is into the Raw Diet. Yes, she hosted Thanksgiving, and served a raw pumpkin pie. When I questioned her about the two Tylenol gelcaps at the bottom of the vase of the centerpiece, she informed me that aspirin extend the life of flowers. She firmly believes that tractor-trailers are not allowed on the highways on Sundays; therefore this is the best day of the week for travel. Also subjects on which she is an expert: anything she has read about this month. Getting the picture? She protested loudly and at length about John marrying me. I should stop now.
I suggested that each cousin choose a name, and then each child will have one gift to open at the holiday gathering. Our budget is tight, we can't afford gifts for all the kids. All four women agreed. Enough with the gifts. So.....when I called the ring leader (big sis) to ask about trading names, she informed me that after we left the Thanksgiving party, they decided to buy gifts for all the kids anyway. I felt my blood pressure rise a little, but then John and I started to have fun with it. You see, we are hosting the party. Big sis has turned down every invite to our home. John's family doesn't exactly have the same taste in art that we do, and actually avert their eyes from the many female nudes in our home. So that got us thinking. Most of what we display they find confusing, if not offensive. Today I did some rearranging. I put two nudes, an oil painting by Detritus, and a new and overwhelmingly generous gift I got this week from a friend. (actually, he is the artist, Jason Werner) It will keep us amused the whole day to see the confusion. It will help to balance out our stress level in dealing with the misogynists and racists. I don't use the words lightly.
Then we started in on homemade gifts we could create. If you have any ideas, let me know. I set the date for the party for the 18th. Big sis called tonight to see what see could bring (anything as long as it's cooked), and informed me that the party is actually the 19th. Silly me.


  • At 12/14/2004 03:19:00 AM, Blogger chasmyn said…

    Holy cow, I do NOT envy you! This is why we moved halfway across the country from our families....

    No it isn't, but still, I like to think that I may have averted some of these things by moving away.


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