Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Busy, busy, busy

Since I like creating stuff, and we are completely broke from starting this new business, it's a homemade holiday this year. Before my camera split into pieces, I got several shots. With stuff from the garden, we made flavored vinegar and homemade soaps. Rosemary, oregano, and garlic in red wine vinegar, and hand-crafted soap balls with several scents: rosemary, mint, citrus, and chamomile. You can see them here, already packaged with some dried bits and pieces from the garden. And the ever fun Shrinky Dink project....these are glass charms from shrinkable plastic. This set is vintage movies posters. I also made tarot cards, Monopoly cards, seed packages, and Wacky packs stickers. I got the idea from the extrodinarily crafty ljc fyi. Miss Lily made ornaments by just rolling paper and stuffing it into clear glass ornaments. Thanks, Z. ;) ~~~~camera then smashes to bits~~~~ You'll have to take my word on the rest. I knit a few of those l-o-n-g scarves that are so in now, I made five fabulous 'superman' capes, inspired by these done by ljc. Now a few ideas for you, especially (but not limited to) if there are kids around to help: Birdseed ornaments 1. Use white bread, and cut out a festive shape with a cookie cutter. 2. Dunk the bread (both sides) into melted Crisco or melted fat from the butcher. 3. Press both sides into birdseed, then sprinkle corn meal over the whole thing. 4. Use a pencil tip to make a small hole at the top, and set the ornament on waxed paper to dry. 5. After a few hours, tie a string through the hole, and it's ready to hang on a tree outside! Magic Reindeer Food (I stole this from a product I saw in a store) Fill a bag with edible bits...I used oatmeal, cereal, and flax seeds. Add a bit of glitter. Attach a card explaining that the food is the reindeer's favorite treat, and if the children sprinkle some in the yard, the reindeer are sure to find their house quickly. It's a great little gift for the small kids.


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