Sunday, October 31, 2004

Six years later

John. He rocks my world. Has more integrity than any person I know. And my stomach still gets flippy when I see his truck pull in the driveway each day. We were married on All Hallow's Eve, 1998 at Old Sturbridge Village. OSV is a living-history type museum set in the early 1800's. The Village doesn't allow lights to be set up for photos (or even electric lights) at the Center Meeting House where the ceremony took place, so the place was beautifully lit outside by moonlight and laterns on the paths, and inside by candlelight. There was a brillant gibbous moon, and both Saturn and Jupiter were visible. I wore a vintage 1940's gown, and my mom walked me down the ailse. Although it looked normal to most who attended, the ceremony was not ordinary. We were married by a witch, and the wedding party included several pagans and a gay couple. We chose an African tradition of jumping a broom to enter into our new domestic life. We had seats of honor for family who had died. The ceremony took 20 minutes, and then a horse-drawn bus brought the guests down the road to the Village tavern for dinner. There were 6 giant fireplaces and many pumpkins. The food served was period-style, and everyone tells me it was delicious. (never managed to eat that night....and didn't even SEE the cake!) We both enjoyed the evening tremendously, and believe that it was the most magical event either of us has attended. ~Blessed Samhain to all~


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