Monday, October 04, 2004

Scambaiting: Shiver Metimbers

Ever get one of those letters from Nigeria? You know, asking for funds for a hospice/orphanage/hospital/church/whatever you may be interested in based on what the scammer found online about you? Well, if you have enough time on your hands and want to mess with these people, try scambaiting.
I attended an art opening this weekend, and ended up chatting with a man who has a software development company. I mentioned blogging, and the fun circle of blogs I frequent, and how I enjoy the the humor particularly among a specific group of brainy guys. So, out of the 200 or so people there, I find myself laughing with just one of those guys. He told me about his one-time internet hobby: baiting those Nigerian scammers. It involves communicating with a would-be scammer, feigning interest, and then asking for ridiculous photos to prove that they are serious. I found the letter trail for Church of the Holy Cow entertaining, but there are lots more. And to add to the fun, the guy who set up goes by Shiver Metimbers.


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