Friday, October 15, 2004

On the verge of panic

The Connecticut State Department of Health put a 'freeze' on all flu vaccine until they can figure out a way to distribute them appropriately. I called last week and made an appointment for myself and John, and called the pediatrician to set one aside for Lily. When we showed up for the appointment, the nurse explained the situation to me. And then decided she needed to comment. "You really need to step aside and let some of the elderly folks and people who really need it have it first." You've heard that expression that the most dangerous animal is a mother? I don't really understand my extreme reaction, but I was ready to crawl through that little reception window and smack her in the head. Instead, my husband stepped up next to me holding my daughter, and I said (in a much louder tone than the situation called for): "my husband has had 2 kidney transplants and is immunosupressed, I have a cardiomyopathy, and my daughter has congenital heart disease and has had open-heart surgery." She shuffled papers on her desk and said that we would qualify. It took quite awhile for my blood pressure to return to normal. And today I'm on the phone trying to track down shots for us. I thought that Boston would give them to us, as we are all treated there for our major illnesses, but they don't have any either. So please cross your fingers for us to find some vaccine...especially John. If he were to get the flu, he could easily loose his one semi-functioning kidney, or worse. Back to my phone calls.


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