Sunday, October 24, 2004

Jello update

Lil's birthday is 11/3, but she chose the theme for her 4th b-day party, so we had the party a bit early. I took Reverend John's jello advice, and the kids were thrilled with the results. (gummy spiders) Miss Lily was pleased with her cake, too. Now before you make too much fun of me, consider the requirements for this cake: gluten-free, unicorn theme. Not an easy order. There was a pinata, bean-bag toss, and pin the horn on the unicorn. Oh, and 6 squealing kids in costumes. Fun! Lily surprised me by being quite gracious when she opened a Snow White doll. She simply said 'thank you', and set it aside. People dolls terrify her! We only play with stuffed animals, those are her babies. She said today that we could give it away. The thing she liked best was an enclycopedia of dinosaurs. 250 pages of color drawings...good stuff. Before she even opened her eyes this morning she said, "mommy, did you know that some longnecks walked on only two legs?" She's the best.


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