Sunday, October 24, 2004

India sightings

We are approaching the one year anniversary of India' s passing. Strange how the chill in the air and the smell of wet leaves on the ground can bring me back to last year. And the fact that she keeps appearing in public places! I often sense her nearby, but this week we're actually seeing her face. I attended a fundraising event this week for The Connecticut Women's Hall of Fame. The theme was 'celebrating women and the political spirit'. Several hundred people were there, including many politicians and a celebrity or two. Each table had a centerpiece - a white mum plant, with several card holders stuck among the flowers. One indicated the table number (of course mine was 23), and a card recognizing the accomplishments of Ella Grasso, the first woman state governor, one card celebrating the current female state governor, Jodi Rell, and another remembering our friend India! Donna called this morning to tell me of her encounter with India last night. She went to hear a blues band play, and to her surprise, a mutual friend was in the band. We hadn't seen him in many years, had a brief reconnection at the services for India, and haven't heard from him again. He is a musician, artist, film-maker. Over the years, he has made music videos and done short films that involved India. Well, in preparation for playing this blues shows, he had made a montage of images to play on a giant screen behind the musicians. Donna was quite surprised to see India, dressed in black, back in the days of long black hair, dancing on stage between clips of other random black and white images. I recently came across a photo from that time frame: us sitting in a coffin couch at a gothic art opening. Both of these appearances are typical India style. In multiple along side prominent politicians, and stealing the show, dancing onstage in a bar. Things haven't changed that much.


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