Friday, October 29, 2004

Almost here

Samhain is just 2 days away! Did I mention that it is my favorite holiday, and my wedding anniversary, and Lily's due date? I did? There I go again. Many profound events in my life have happened on or within a few weeks of Samhain. Highlights:
  • marriage to John
  • second trimester miscarriage
  • birth of my daughter
  • my near-death experience and heart disease diagnosis
  • my grim prognosis of 5 years or less without a heart transplant
  • car accident on my front lawn, India and I were first on the scene, and tended to driver who landed on the lawn after being thrown through the windshield. The ambulance took 15 minutes to arrive. Car unrecognizable. He had hit a tree. Don't know if he survived.
  • India's death, also a car accident involving a tree, almost exactly one year after above described accident

Well, in reading this it seems as if I sound have some fear of this time of year. I don't, each experience has been life-changing. The only major event that doesn't fall in the time period is Lily's heart disease diagnosis and open heart surgery. For me, this time of year is literally closer to the other side. Somehow, instead of being fearful, I find it oddly comforting. A connection to the Earth's cycle, and the bigger picture. Whatever you want to call it. Mind you, this calm perspective comes one full year after the last major event. I don't necessarily keep it during traumatic times.

We are celebrating our anniversary this year by going to Old Sturbridge Village where we were married. Then, out for some trick-or-treating with our little unicorn.

To read more about Samhain, and Issac Bonewit's take on the origin of Halloween, click here.


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