Tuesday, September 28, 2004

try and keep up with this one....

I posted a few weeks ago about Susun Weed and how much I enjoyed her style. I shared this with the women who came over on Saturday, and heard an interesting story. I've known all the players in the story for 15 or so years, except Susun Weed. Here it is: Susun Weed's sister was the midwife for my friend India's second birth! (India is the friend who died recently) Susun and her sister worked on their first herbal book together. I had no idea they were sisters. Biological sisters. India's baby came so quickly that the midwife wasn't there in time, but her apprentice was. This apprentice was Donna, the woman who taught us Dakini last Saturday. Fun to see how we're all connected...even more than we think we know.


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