Tuesday, September 21, 2004

One is silver and the other gold

Spent an enormously enjoyable evening downtown last night. Gina (as a Marilynesque pin-up girl here and her bio as a member of Jezebel here) invited me to the Bushnell Auditorium to hear Amy Tan speak. Tan was eloquent and witty, I found myself laughing aloud. We tip-toed out a bit early to go back to Gina's place in Artspace for some girltalk and wine. Also met the enchanting Krista, who is already taunting me in the comments below. She has a daughter as well, and had a similar birth experience. Let me just say that neither of us have ever met another woman with the same physical baggage we have postpartum. Wow, a mom I can relate to in many more ways than the fact that we both parent. But wait! It gets better! Krista is a computer programmer. Yep, she does webdesign. Since my new hobby in the blogworld, I've been slightly obsessed with this topic. And rather inept. Making progress; however. It was fun to chat about 'life', perceptions, and annoyances we encounter in cyberspace. Soooo, we know we get along famously already. How about our preschoolers?


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