Monday, September 20, 2004

I went out late Saturday night with my friend Kate. She works weekends at Grant's, a swanky restaurant/bar here in town. She wasn't done yet, so I sat down at the bar to wait. Well, this isn't really the type of place I frequent, so it was a bit strange. But, as I've mentioned, us midwestern gals can chat with most anyone. So I'm seated next to a man, about my age, who seems very tightly wound. He's drinking iced tea to add to the image. I'm doing my best to make conversation, and although he doesn't look at me, he is responding. When he heard that I was waiting for a server, he asked if I'd ever worked in a restaurant. I have. In fact, only in the past four years have I been out of the business. I, of course, still in WI girl mode, returned the question. He said, "no, I have never served. It's not in my blood." And then I was dismissed. End of conversation. I forget what the real world is like sometimes. I spend my time surrounded by such a free-thinking group that I lose track of how obnoxious people can be. On the happy side, the bartender was a former student who gave me hell for recommending him for an honors class, and then bought me a drink. Kate and I went off to a karoke bar and were disappointed by how well everyone could sing. There is virtually no entertainment in listening to people who have talent in those places. Fun night, out too late.


  • At 9/21/2004 12:38:00 PM, Blogger Jenn said…

    It so sad that so many people are unhappy with their life and can't even be friendly. I get that all the time.

  • At 9/21/2004 01:51:00 PM, Blogger SusyKatt said…

    say what?! obnoxious?!, dismissed?!, end of conservation?! how could you let that one go, girl??!! next time, invite me!! if some one steps on your toe, I find it's always good to go, " OOOWWW!!!" even at risk of stinging their ears, you know what I'm saying, girlfriend. we gotta represent! (SOOTHSAYERS RULE)
    you and kate look gorgeous, but i know you're holding back on that shot of you two Doo-wopping all over that karaoke stage. Now, where's that download?
    miss you guys always. much love. peace.


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