Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Equinox activities

Worked on the fall clean-up in the yard and garden today. I like to harvest herbs on the holidays, so I cut the last of the sage, rosemary, and comfrey today and hung them to dry. Thinking of creating some vinegars and/or oils for the holidays with the rosemary, and a new batch of comfrey oil. I can always use sage. The kitchen garden did so well this year that it covered some of the ornaments and rocks we used to decorate in May, it was fun to discover them as we cut back the plants. Mums have replaced the impatiens, and I mowed the lawn (likely for the last time this year). The puppy is all sorts of confused about dangers in the yard. While she's sure that the lawnmower is a giant yellow chew toy, the soccer ball is clearly a vicious enemy to be feared, barked and howled at from the deck only. She won't get within 10 feet of it. The lawnmower, however, she'll chase, jump in front of, and bite. The lawnmowing also gives her a bad case of greenpaws.


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