Saturday, September 18, 2004

Big week coming up...

John is quitting his job next week and starting his own business. He bought a truck this past week, and has been working on getting the details of the upcoming jobs worked out. For some reason, I'm not worried. It seems like the most natural step. Originally, he planned on doing concrete and site work exclusively, but setting up the contacts, funds, and equipment for those jobs would take longer than he wants to wait get out of where he is now. He built (well, supervised the build of) the Superman coaster at Six Flags, as well as the whole expansion of the park. Also the Batman coaster, and he designed and built the new foot bridge. He enjoyed those jobs, but he's going to start out smaller here in Hartford and work as a one-man-show on some smaller rehab jobs. Exciting stuff around here! Lily's in preschool, new job for John, and I'm finishing that darn MA. If I do need to go back to teaching, I'm ready. I'm kicking around the idea of opening a women's center with some friends. Finding the space is difficult. But I still have fantasies about an herb farm, becoming a doula, owning a nursery, rescuing more pets, adopting a houseful of kids, traveling through Eastern Europe... many adventures ahead.


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