Sunday, August 01, 2004

Setting the tone

We did some full moon magic yesterday at the biggest tree in CT. It's 24 feet around. Really. Since blue moons come about every 2.5 years or so, we all voiced some intentions, faced and released some fears, and set the tone until the next blue moon. Funny how ideas manifest in circle that I hadn't thought about before (consciously, anyway). Sometimes I'm amazed at what comes out of my mouth. And how I claim part of all that happens. I love these women. I am tempted to blog my spiritual wanderings, but for now it all needs to be written. For me, the process of pen on paper is satisfying in a different way than this journal. I still need it. We were in a public park, and certainly drew attention. We probably don't look like what most people think of as 'pagan'. We all wore something blue, partly for the moon, and partly because we were honoring our friend India Blue. The tree was not the only oversized part of ritual. Our altar was beautiful in blue, as well. My neighbor has now figured out that on full moons a bunch of beautiful women show up at our house, and often stay very late. The houses are close together, so he can hear anything that happens on our deck. Yesterday he offered his driveway for extra parking. Part of the reason we moved to this town was for its diversity....we are flanked by two gay men, behind us lives a Cuban family, and across the street Russian Jews. A few merry pagans makes it even more fun, no?


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