Monday, August 02, 2004

Sarah McLaughlan

Went for a date with the husband last night to the Hartford Civic Center to see Sarah. Haven't been to many concerts in the past 4 years, between my illness and the general madness of childrearing, it hasn't been a priority. In fact, the last live national tour I saw was Peter Murphy a few years back. I was the only visibly pregnant person there amidst some gorgeous was a great show. Maybe being exposed to my favorite stuff in utero is starting to manifest in her personality now....big focus on post-death rituals like burying and cremation. She's 3. Oh, this is a post about Sarah, right. The woman can sing her ass off. Amazing. I don't see many huge production shows like this, I thought it was well done and enjoyed it imensely. Many of the songs brought me right to a specific time in my past. Didn't realize how well I know her is often background around her. Could she be any more beautiful? Butterfly Boucher (pronounced not in the French way, but with the 'ch' of 'cucaracha') opened the show. As she played, many 80's bands came to mind: Cure, Siouxie, Coucteau Twins, etc. Poppy with an 80s flavor. She is adorable.


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