Monday, August 23, 2004

Happy 40th Tori!

Happy 40th Tori! Well, actually her birthday was yesterday. Tori is certainly one of my favorite artists. I refer to her as just 'Tori', as if we've had a long-time friendship. Well, we have, but it's been rather one-sided. I have a secret fantasy that she is my sister. (I have a half-sister that was given up for adoption....and Tori's about the right age) Of course Tori was not adopted, but that doesn't stop me. I am convinced that we would be the best of friends (if not sisters) if we could only meet. I also used to think that I could persuade Robert Smith of The Cure to marry me if we could only meet. (Yes, I know about his wife. These are just my little rock star fantasies.) Could you cram any more talent into one photo? Bjork, PJ Harvey, Tori


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