Saturday, August 21, 2004

A day with Susun Weed

Susun Weed, Herbalist and Green Witch I spent the day in a workshop at a little pagan church. Susun Weed came from Woodstock, NY to spend the afternoon chatting about health, herbs, and magic. The hours passed quickly, she is a wonderful storyteller, and I was happy to sit in the 100-year old church during a loud thunderstorm among lots of women. And one lone man. (it takes a brave man to attend a workshop led by a Dianic Witch!) She is radical in her approach....she grows her own food, eats as she gathers, and drinks raw goat milk. She even crafts her own yogurt and cheese from raw milk. Much of what she said today was common sense, and some of it was the opposite of what I believed to be true. Some of the nutritional and healing information she gave today that has me thinking:
  • all plants should be cooked before eating
  • meat should be eaten raw
  • essential oils are poisonous and use too many resources
  • milk is one of the best choices for well-being and healing (she also equates our society's lactose intolerance with 'woman-hating')
  • the organic certification process stops at harvest, and often chemicals are added post harvest

I happen to grow an herb that she loves: comfrey. It is a controversial herb, so we had a nice little connection there. I learned several new uses for it.


  • At 8/23/2004 06:00:00 AM, Blogger Miko said…

    This is very interesting for me, Dawn. What else did Susun say? And what is controversial about comfrey?

  • At 8/23/2004 02:03:00 PM, Blogger dawn said…

    Miko, your English is excellent. Did you grow up speaking it?

    Comfrey has been 'connected' to pre-cancerous liver changes in lab animals. Susun Weed uses it weekly as an herbal infusion, and raves of its well-being properties. I've only used it as an oil (I make a healing salve from dried leaves and oil). The common name for the herb is 'knit-bone'. It's good for any type of binding.

    Susun makes an herbal infusion by pouring boiling water over the dried comfrey leaf and stalk and infusing for at least 4 hours. Drink 1-2 cups per day. (infusion will keep for 24 hrs in fridge.)

    We are trying a stinging nettle infusion at my house. My husband has kidney and liver disease, and this infusion has helped some people regain kidney function. Exciting!

    Check her site, she has a free e-newsletter. I like her ideas, she challenges much of what I do in my lifestyle.

  • At 8/23/2004 05:34:00 PM, Blogger Miko said…

    Dawn, I was largely raised outside of Japan, and English is my first - and favourite - language. I would not want to have to master it as an adult, as it is way too hard! Thanks for the info about comfrey. When I was younger I wanted to be a naturopath or herbalist of some type. Now I'm interested in Japanese or Chinese style.

    Susun's site is excellent! I really admire her relationship with her daughter.


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