Monday, July 05, 2004

Still trying to be cheerful about a L-O-N-G day. We went to Block Island to visit J.'s ex-stepmother on her yacht. We left at 7:30 am, and got home at 8pm. We spent 2 hours on her boat, the remainder of time traveling by car or ferry or taxi. In the pouring rain. The things I don't enjoy about 'the islands' (Block, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket) include the fact that there are way too many monogrammed accessories on way too many white people. I didn't hear another language all day long. (I adore listening to language I don't understand....and guessing what country people are from. Most of the Spanish accents I can distinguish. Mostly I like the ones where I can't comprehend the words and I listen to intonation and rhythm.) We did get to visit with J.'s family a bit, and Lily had a fabulous time on the ferry. I'm happy to be home and dry with family and pets. Catching up on the blogs. I AM addicted.


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