Friday, July 02, 2004

The new addition

Willow is quite possibly the cutest dog on the planet. Don't let that sweet expression fool you....the spikes around her neck suit her well. Today I found a Barbie in the back yard (minus one hand), one red slip-on, and the hand towel from the bathroom. Those things along with the ridiculous amount of dog toys I've purchased. She came to live with us on 4-04-04. She was brought in to the hospital by The Puppy Center (a local pet store) to be put down because of kennel cough. A tech there saved her, and spent the next 4 months nursing her day and night. It was a rollercoaster, but now she's doing OK. The chronic cough is caused by permanent lung damage. She was spayed last week and did great through surgery. She fits in with our family well. She is my first dog. I've had the same 4 cats for 13 years, and never understood 'dog people'. I am her chosen human, and what a feeling that is! I still adore my cats, of course. But this dog really is like a kid. She is a great size and temperment for my daughter, and they are becoming fast friends. I know her so well, I can read her expressions. I'm in love. But when does this chewing phase end??


  • At 7/03/2004 12:13:00 AM, Blogger chasmyn said…

    I don't think you'll have any problem adjusting to blogging at all ;)

  • At 7/10/2004 02:06:00 PM, Blogger niqkita said…

    I have childhood memories of finding anything I left outside (as six year olds will do) with at least some part of it chewed by my aunt's puppy...
    I think the chewing can last for a couple of years.


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