Thursday, July 01, 2004

Mona, Mona, Magpie....

I have a 13 year old Himalyan cat. She is one of the greatest loves of my life. A friend is a vet tech, and I've acquired all of my misfit pets from her. Each was abandoned or brought into her clinic to be "put down": Wednesday: black cat without eyes Coletrane: 26-pound black cat found in a garbage bag in a college campus parking lot Rowan: tiger kitty who passed in January from an awful tumor in her mouth and jaw Mona: Himaylan cat, 5 pounds, and now in severe kidney failure. Also has permanent head-tilt from inner ear disturbance. We give her sub-cu fluids daily Willow: Cocker spaniel / King Charles spaniel mix, 8 months old, with permanent lung damage. A constant cough....but manages to do all the obnoxious puppy things she should be doing. Well, I'm sensing that Miss Mona is slipping away. Even with the special diet and daily fluids, I don't see the spark in her eyes anymore. I've dreaded this, I can't imagine life without her. And now that Lily understands death to some degree, her pain will be hard to comfort. We've had a rough dearest friend of 16 years passed in November, and then our beloved Rowan in December. Wish I could protect my kid from the cycle of life a bit longer, and have more quality time with Mona. Here are a few names we call Mona: Monkey ('Mona' is Spanish for monkey, if I could get 'Hello' to work, I could post her photo) Mona Macaroni Mona-licious Mona-muffin Mona-riffic Mona, Mona, Magpie


  • At 7/10/2004 02:18:00 PM, Blogger niqkita said…

    I call my dog Jake monkey for no particular reason at all...
    monkey toes, monkey tail, monkey head, monkey butt
    it used to be muppet, because his head reminds me of the creature in the neverending story, then at some point several years ago muppet more and more morphed into monkey, plus, it's just plain fun to say!
    and I'm sorry for your loss and potential loss, my mom has never quite gotten over the loss of her beloved 13 year old Sheba (four years ago, right before my mom got sock with cancer). She now has Dante who looks almost identical (all grey with green/gold eyes). We found him crying in the backyard under a tree when she was at her sickest. He was tiny & covered in fleas so I got him all cleaned up & took care of all the vet visits & supplies, she had been wishing she could have Sheba back so hard when he appeared. He's a great cat but has been going through adolescence and tends to be a bit aloof at times, plus since we moved to seperate households last fall he misses his doggie friend Jake.


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