Thursday, July 01, 2004

Heart girls

The President and founder of WomenHeart, Nancy Loving, suggested that I may need an agent soon (in jest). I attended a Science and Leadership Symposium offered by WomenHeart and the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota last October, and then the Advocacy Institute offered in DC in March. Rhoda Baer photographed me and Lily for WomenHeart's new ad campaign which will run in print and billboards. The shot is of me with my arms around Lily's waist, and her shirt is open showing her scar from open-heart surgery. I was torn about using her in public awareness ads, she of course can't voice an opinion about it. It's an intense photo. Last week Nancy gave my number to Dateline, and I also did an hour-long phone interview for a PBS documentary on women and heart disease. They may feature my story to be run in February 2005. Oh, and WomenHeart has agreed to pay for a table for me at the CT Women's Expo in September. I'm thrilled to be involved in so many high-profile events to raise awareness for women and children with heart disease. Interesting that I had to almost die and have a kid with a defective heart before I became a sought-after celebrity.


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