Saturday, July 03, 2004

Gaiagal: why that title?

I've tried several times to write an entry about my friend India. I struggle with the words. India was an amazing woman. I learned so much from her. In the 15 years we were friends, we had many adventures: She officiated the ceremony of my first marriage, and was the maid of honor and photographer in my second wedding. She guided me to become a high priestess and public leader in the Goddess and political communities in Connecticut. I watched her raise her two boys, Nick and Joe, alone. We had a community access television program called The Witches' Book. We recorded music, made (awful) music videos, and appeared together on several TV and radio shows. I listened to her many woes about finding a man who would fit into her life, and she helped me through a tough seperation and was the first to learn of my love for John. (even before John!) She was always interested as we talked, and when I lived in Boston for several years, our phone conversations were never shorter than 3 hours. She had a dynamic way of storytelling and I feel like I know all of the people in her life through her words. We discussed sychronicity at length. She did her last full moon ritual on my deck with my daughter. It was Lily's first. The Connecticut Law Tribune ran a full-page article on her after her death. The title sums her up well: A Life Lived to the Fullest, A Spirit Unmatched Here are other links related to her: Her lastest artistic endeavor: Jezebel Her work as a Witch in the prisons Witchvox Article after her death Hartford Advocate Publisher's Note In many way I feel like she is as much a part of my life as she ever was. After her services, I was in the car with my husband crying. I said to him that I just wanted some sign that things were OK with her. Anything. Just then, a car drove past us with the license plate 'GAIA'. Ahhh, the Earth Goddess. I got my sign, and went off to the reception with a lighter heart. The reception was at Artspace in Hartford, and featured a sampling of her photography over the years, including series called Initiation and her photos of musicians. When we arrived, Amy approached me and gave me a little vial of India's personal blend of perfume oils, which Amy makes. Scent carries such memories. I asked her if it had a name, and she said "India named it. It's called Gaia." That is just the sort of synchronicity that India and I would have been completely amused with.


  • At 7/10/2004 02:03:00 PM, Blogger niqkita said…

    *with tears in my eyes*
    what an amazing friend you have!
    a beautiful synchronicity to confirm all is well, just different now...


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