Saturday, July 03, 2004


J. had the big procedure yesterday. Vasectomy. It's final...we officially are not able to have any more kidlets. We have known this since I was diagnosed with a heart disease related to pregnancy just after the birth of our daughter, that another pregnancy would likely mean my death. I asked my doc for a tubal ligation, but she didn't want to do elective surgery on me. So I tried another doc. Same answer. So...the topic of birth control has been an issue for 3.5 years now. I guess we were sorta hoping that some research would surface saying that it may be safe for me to attempt another pregnancy. So my sweet husband is spending this holiday weekend with swollen parts in an effort to spare my life. (how dramatic!) But I am 36 this month, and combined with my heart condition, along with the fact that our daughter has a serious heart defect = no more kids. So it is a relief, but a bit final. Of course everyone we know is trying to get pregnant or having kids. And many people ask me if we'll have more, to which I give them a brief description of the last few years. Serves them right for being so personal. ;) In checking out the web for info on the procedure, we came across this site. Not for the squeamish, but an entertaining pictoral of a regular guy and every stage of his vasectomy.


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