Thursday, July 15, 2004

DEP Emergency

My husband builds stuff. Usually large structures like bridges and rollercoasters. He supervised the build of a couple of coasters, including the Superman coaster at Six Flags. One of the jobs he is managing now is on a dam at the resouvoir in Lennox, MA. Yesterday, he got a call reporting that this rock truck had overturned into the water. Yes, the diesel-fueled, 10-ton vehicle was in the drinking water. John calls the MA Dept of Evironmental Protection's EMERGENCY SPILL LINE. He waited on hold for 10 minutes! "Your call is very important to us. Please stay on the line." When he finally got through to a human, the call was cut off before he had a chance to give his contact information. Soooo, he had to call back and wait on hold again. "Your call is very important to us...." Yes, quite an efficient operation they have going there. No one was hurt, the spill turned out to be easy to clean up. But if it had managed to seep into the town's water supply, I wonder how effective the DEP would be in addressing it? A very tired husband arrived home at 10:00pm, only to leave again at 3:30am to be sure the clean-up was going smoothly. (We live in Central CT, and he works all over MA. Lots of driving)


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